Vaginal Tightening


Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening treatments tighten the muscles in the pelvic floor. During the procedure, the pelvic floor muscles are tightened to create and maintain the ideal amount of elasticity.Reconstruction of the vagina varies from patient to patient. If you are considering the procedure, schedule a consultation to discuss your options with your doctor.

Many women are great candidates for a vaginal tightening treatment. After a delivering a child vaginally, some tissues have been overstretched. Due to childbirth and aging, the pelvic muscles can become weakened and stretched out. Typically, the results of this can range from unsatisfactory sexual intercourse to self-esteem issues. Not all vaginal tightening patients need be a certain age or have given birth vaginally to qualify for the procedure.

Unlike common myths, one or two simple stitches around the vaginal opening after childbirth will not get the job done. Instead, we suggest a vaginal tightening procedure. A vaginal tightening surgery (also known as vaginoplasty or a vaginal rejuvenation) narrows the vaginal tube. The procedure involves tightening the underlying pelvic muscle layer, removing excess mucosa and minimizing the size of the vaginal opening’s diameter.

Many patients often describe improvements in continence as well as sexual experience as a result of the procedure. In addition to the procedure, it’s suggested that patients practice pelvic floor strengthening exercises as part of recovery.

If you are interested in a vaginal tightening procedure, it is important that you choose a physician who is certified and has experience. For the best results, you want the surgery to improve aesthetics as well as functionality.

The vagina is a delicate and sensitive body part for many women. If you’re considering going through with a vaginal tightening procedure, we suggest you contact the expert doctors at ASAP to schedule a consultation.

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