Major Joint Injections


Major Joint Injections

This outpatient procedure is done to relieve pain throughout the body, specifically in major joints such as the hip or shoulder. Patients who experience regular pain may be considered for the procedure. If the joints experience regular pain, arthritis, injury or mechanical stress an injection could quickly ease the pain. Not only does the injection help relieve the pain but it also is used to diagnose the direct cause of the pain.

By numbing the area in which the procedure will be taking place, the physician will be able to determine source of the pain. If immediate relief is experienced upon numbing, the joint is likely to the source of the pain and they can go through with the procedure. Along with the initial numbing medication administered before the major joint injection, a time-release cortisone is injected into joint to reduce inflammation and provide further pain relief.

Typically, this procedure is performed after the patient has not had a positive response from other forms of treatment such as inflammatory medications and physical therapy. The procedure involves injecting pain relieving medicine directly into the joint in an effort to rid discomfort.

To begin the short outpatient procedure, the patient’s skin is sterilized with an antiseptic solution at the point of injection. To ease the discomfort of the needle, the physician numbs the tissue at the injection site by applying an anesthetic. The patient may feel a slight sting that lasts for few seconds. Once sterilized and numb, the needle is gently inserted directly into the joint. A small amount of an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory cortisone mixture is slowly injected into the major joint.

After the procedure has been completed, the physician will withdraw the needle and bandage the site of injection. Pain relief may not be noticeable for 2-3 days after the major joint injection procedure. Some patients may need to undergo the procedure up to 2 more times in order to reap the full benefits of the major joint injection treatment.

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